Monday, April 6, 2009

Bow Pumps & Bow Albert House Shoes

Both the pump and they house shoe can be used for very formal occasions, they both look good with a tuxedo and which ever one you choose will certainly make a nice accompaniment. The velvet house shoe looks excellent, it is slightly higher cut and has a lovely line to it. The Patent bow pump is as English and as classic as Buckingham Palace, always appropriate for any formal dinner, dance or where you wish to be dressed correctly. They are both lined with a quilted lining, making them very comfortable to wear for an evening event. With a dress weight leather sole and heel, they make an ideal shoe for dancing. All house shoes and pumps are hand crafted in England.

Also available but not shown is a box calf pump with a bow-another timeless classic with good looks. It is your choice for what ever style you choose, or maybe one of each for whatever occasion you may wish to attend.

They are all priced at $235.00 (£155.00) including shipping.

To order please email:

State what House Shoe or Pump you require, leave your contact details and we shall contact you for your order very soon after.