Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Very English

The english house shoe (slipper) has been around for centuries, some are embroidered with an initial, some are heavily embroidered all over and some have a family crest on. These pieces of history are still available today in a choice of colours and a choice of linings and with virtually any design you can imagine being hand embroidered on to the velvet.

The house shoes are made in stock sizes from a 6 to a 13 with 1/2 sizes, therefore if you are a general size in english shoes then the same size would apply in the house shoe. The house shoe to the right is in black velvet with a red quilted lining and the initials 'H W' hand embroidered in 'script'. They come with a very fine leather sole and heel that make them suitable for light use outdoors. The shape is a very traditional oval toeshape that is very classic in looks and design.